“Once they get here, we want our people to feel welcomed and supported so they can do the best work of their lives.” states the latest diversity report published by Facebook. Facebook has a program called Diverse Slate Approach, which gives more opportunities to the underrepresented people to be interviewed on spot for open roles. Besides this, Facebook has put efforts in making their work-space diverse and the latest report shows improvements in each category.

Women representation has grown from 34%, last year, to 35% this year, while 27% of new graduate hires in engineering department are now women. In non-technical roles, women make it to 55% as compared to 45% of men’s representation while Technical department is well dominated by men; 81% compared to 19% of women. With regards to ethnicity, Facebook is still dominated by Whites and Asians: 89% of workforce. Senior Leadership is not any different as well, with 92% of people coming from White or Asian background.

Maxine Williams, the Global Director of Diversity, has pointed out about the initiatives being taken by Facebook with regards to improving a diverse culture. She said, “The more people you interview who don’t look or think like you, the more likely you are to hire someone from a diverse background. To hard wire this behavior at Facebook, we introduced our Diverse Slate Approach (DSA) in 2015 and have since rolled it out globally. DSA sets the expectation that hiring managers will consider candidates from underrepresented backgrounds when interviewing for an open position.”

The social networking website is visited by 2 billion people monthly, many of these visitors still do not have representation in the ranks of staff, working for Facebook.






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